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  • Positioning method for bearing rings commonly used in bearings


    1. Positioning of the inner ring of the bearing When the inner ring of the bearing is mounted on the shaft, the bearing is generally fixed by the shoulder on one side, and the other side is fixed by a nut, a retaining washer or a spring retaining ring. The dimensions of the contact between the shoulder and the axial fixed part and the inner ring of the bearing can be determined according to the mounting dimensions of the various types of bearings listed in the bearing size table. (1) Nut positio

  • Cleaning, inspection and installation of motor bearings


    Cleaning Motor bearings are generally cleaned and refueled after 2000 hours of use. There are two methods for cleaning motor bearings: First, hot oil cleaning method Motor bearings mainly used for softening oil or rust-proof paste hardening should be immersed in hot oil of 100-200 °C, clamp the motor bearing with pliers, and brush the oil on the motor bearing with a brush. The soft dry oil or anti-rust paste is melted when heated to 100-200 ° C, and is easily washed out from the gap of the mot

  • Causes and solutions for bearing corrosion


    Bearing corrosion is very common and it reduces the life of the bearing. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to this problem in their daily work. The reason for the corrosion of high-temperature bearings and the determination of preventive methods, first of all depends on what is caused by high-temperature bearing corrosion, generally divided into external and internal factors. In summary, there are mainly: 1. Metal surface finish (oxygen concentration difference battery corrosion). 2. The ch

  • How to reduce ball bearing noise


    1. Manufacturing processProcess refinement mainly refers to the process flow being as short as possible, process processing combined, production without intermediate inventory, effectively reducing the process factors affecting the performance of low-noise ball bearings; production cleanliness, which is a systematic technology, including grinding fluid, super Semen, cleaning fluid, air, high-pressure air, production environment and other technical processes; automation, from vehicle processing t

  • What are the differences between tapered roller bearings and needle bearings?


    Cylindrical Roller Bearings are precision bearings. The rim guide of the precision sorted roller post ring is composed of a cage, a roller and a guide collar. It can be separated from the other bearing ring and is a separable bearing. Such bearings are more convenient to install and disassemble, especially when the inner and outer rings are required to have an interference fit with the shaft and the housing. Such bearings are generally only used for live ammunition with radial load guns, only in


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