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Bearings are highly valued in China!

       Bearing is an important machine accessory in modern industrial machinery. The main function of the bearing is to support the rotating body of the machine and ensure the accuracy of the rotating body of the machine in rotation. According to the classification of bearings, it is divided into rolling bearings and plain bearings. Among them, rolling bearings have become more standardized and serialized. As far as the shape of rolling bearings is concerned, rolling bearings can be subdivided into ball bearings and roller bearings.

        China, as the world ’s four ancient civilizations, had records of axle bearings in the pre-Qin period. Since the recent world history, along with the British industrial revolution, bearings have been mass-produced on the production belts of major factories. Development. In the industry, bearings are high-precision products. The production of bearings requires theoretical and theoretical support from physics, mathematics, materials science, mechanics, and so on. Therefore, the production and strength of bearings represent the scientific and technological strength of a country, and science and technology are productivity. . Little bearings carry the road of Chinese renaissance.

       At present, there are very few technical professionals specialized in the production of bearings in China. There are still very few companies producing specialized and high-end bearings. Many technical experts require the support of foreign experts. Therefore, domestic bearings still have a long way to go. The development of bearings directly The impact of the development of the automotive, aerospace, machine tool, wind power and other industries, the national policy support and the dedication of scientific and technological personnel will surely make our bearing market usher in a far-reaching and broad development.

       In the development of the bearing market, competition will be more intense, but eventually a number of strong, highly skilled factory dealers will emerge, they will set a benchmark for the market and launch more and better bearing products!

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