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Methods for regularly maintaining bearings to improve accuracy

Apply a little bit of smoothing agent and rub it between your two fingers. If there is any contamination, you can feel it; or apply a thin layer of smoothing agent on the back of your hand, and then stop the light seal inspection.

If a bad condition is shown, it must be replaced. A bad oil seal will cause damage to the bearing, which will cause the bearing to become abnormal and cause equipment to stop. So before we stop checking the bearing, we should clean the bearing's appearance first, and then remove the parts around the bearing. Everyone should pay attention to the fact that the oil seal is a very fragile part, so extra care must be taken when inspecting and disassembling it. Do not apply excessive force to avoid damage to the parts.

Then carefully check the oil seal of the bearing and its surrounding parts. Secondly, we also check the smoothing agent of the bearing.

1. Bearing maintenance: In order to maintain the original performance of the bearing in a good condition for as long as possible, it must be maintained and repaired to prevent accidents, ensure the reliability of the operation, and improve the consumption and economy. The working standards of the corresponding mechanical operating conditions shall be settled and suspended periodically. Contents include inspections to monitor operating conditions, replenish or change lubricants, and periodic disassembly inspections. Maintenance items during operation include bearing rotation noise, vibration, temperature, lubricant condition, etc.

2. Overhaul of bearings: Cleaning of bearings: When disassembling and overhauling bearings, first record the appearance of the bearings, confirm the amount of lubricant remaining, and wash the bearings after sampling the lubricant for inspection. As cleaning agents, gasoline and kerosene are commonly used. The cleaning of the disassembled bearing is divided into coarse cleaning and fine cleaning, which are respectively placed in the container, and the bottom of the metal mesh pad is first placed so that the bearing does not directly contact the dirt of the container. During rough cleaning, if the bearing is rotated with dirt, it will damage the rolling surface of the bearing, so you should pay attention to it. In the coarse cleaning oil, use a brush to remove grease and stickies. After it is roughly clean, switch to fine cleaning. Fine cleaning is to carefully wash the bearing while rotating it in the cleaning oil. In addition, the cleaning oil should always be kept clean.

3. Inspection and identification of the bearing: In order to judge whether the dismantled bearing can be used, it should be checked after the bearing is cleaned. Check the condition of the raceway surface, rolling surface, mating surface, the wear of the stick frame, the increase of bearing clearance, and any damage that is not related to dimensional accuracy and abnormalities. For non-divided small ball bearings, use one hand to support the inner ring horizontally, and rotate the outer ring to check whether it is fluent.

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