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Method for judging the viscosity of bearing lubricating oil

The main technical index of the viscosity of bearing lubricants, but the viscosity of bearing lubricants must not exceed the degree of influence of engine startup. The vast majority of oil is based on its viscosity sub-brand bearings. . Viscosity measurement methods are divided into two categories of viscosity and relative viscosity. Viscosity is divided into two types: dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity; Engler viscosity, relative viscosity, Saibert viscosity and viscosity are representative of several minerals.

的 Excessive use of bearing viscosity oil will increase mechanical wear. In practical applications, selecting a suitable viscosity lubricant product, machinery and equipment can ensure normal and reliable operation. Under normal circumstances, low speed and high load applications use the viscosity of the oil to ensure sufficient oil film thickness and normal lubrication; high speed and low load applications use a smaller oil viscosity to ensure the normal startup and operation of machinery and equipment Torque, engine oil viscosity is too large, slow-moving, high and slow, despite the pressure of high oil prices, but a small amount of oil through, can not increase the friction surface, resulting in continuous operation with less friction. Because the bearing oil circulates slowly, the bearing oil filter is small, it is difficult to drag down time, scrap metal, carbon particles, dust, and clean from the friction surface. During operation, due to the viscosity of the oil, the friction between the mechanical friction surfaces increases, overcoming friction intensification, more fuel consumption, and lowering the power output of the engine. The viscosity of the bearing lubricant and the oil circulation rate will slow down its cooling and heat dissipation and easily cause the engine to overheat. The temperature rises to a variety of operating temperatures and can form a movie between moving parts.

Therefore, do not use too much viscosity of the engine oil, the more the viscosity cannot be considered the better. In order to ensure lubricating conditions, low viscosity oil can be used as much as possible according to the temperature range. But the more severe the wear, the larger the clearance of the engine, the proper viscosity of the oil can be used slightly.

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