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Troubleshooting analysis of anti-friction thrust ball bearings Wanyu tells you

1. Model differences With the advent of internationalization, domestically produced thrust ball bearing codes are gradually in line with thrust ball bearing codes. The latest published national standards show that domestically produced codes are basically consistent with international ISO standards.

At this time, if the thrust ball bearing is migrated and transformed in oil, the rolling surface will be damaged due to foreign matter and so on.

Wear failure is one of the common failure modes of various types of thrust ball bearings. According to the form of wear, it can be divided into the most common abrasive wear and adhesive wear. The inspection of thrust ball bearings in operation is very important and cannot be ignored. It mainly checks the rolling sound, vibration, temperature, lubrication status and so on of thrust ball bearings.

The twin-shaft garbage shredder is automatically welded by using 25mm-30mm thick steel plate. It is inlaid with high manganese steel lining board and externally added stirrups to make the machine strong and durable. 1. Wound sound (Brinell indentation) Background: After the motor is assembled, noise is found during the noise inspection.

For thrust ball bearings of household appliances, the main role of pre-tensioning is to improve the rigidity of thrust ball bearings and suppress vibration and noise.

Second, the selection of rolling thrust ball bearing accuracy grade Rolling thrust ball bearing accuracy of each level of application is as follows: 0 (G) (usually referred to as ordinary)-for low, medium speed and rotation accuracy requirements are not high Rotating mechanism, it is most widely used in machinery.

5. For multi-row thrust ball bearings, the clearance of each row is required to be qualified, and the arithmetic average of the clearance of each row is taken as the radial clearance of the thrust ball bearing.

Rolling bodies (steel balls, rollers or needles) are usually arranged in a thrust ball bearing by a cage evenly between the two rings for rolling motion. Its shape, size and quantity directly affect the load capacity and Use performance.

If the sample becomes darker or thicker, it may indicate that the lubricant has started to carbonize and the old lubricant should be completely replaced.

three. Determination of transmission power There are several methods to determine transmission power: 1. According to viscous fluid theory, the total power N = KN = 9.81 × 10-5Nη kW Among them: N total——the driving power of the extruder N——the power consumption of the screw extrusion section (homogenization section) (by the theory of melt transfer) Calculated by the relevant formula) K-coefficient, which varies with different materials η-effective coefficient, determined by experience, generally take 2-2.52. Empirical formula (1) hot feed N = KD2nK——constant from actual measurement, for rubber extruder (profile: K = 2.95 × 10-3 filter rubber: K = 3.65 × 10-3) with side pressure roller Extruder, power increased by 10% (2) cold feed: N = D3 × L / D × N × K × 10-5 KWK—— coefficient, 5.52-6.733. The analog statistical method determines the power of the designed extruder by comparing the power used by existing domestic and foreign similar specifications machines.

The master only needs to remove the old thrust ball bearing and install the new thrust ball bearing. As shown in the green area, this plug is the plug for the wheel speed sensor.

The thrust ball bearing should have a special mold when it is assembled. It cannot be beaten at will. When it is pressed into the shaft, it can only be stressed in a small circle. When it is pressed in a large circle, it can only be stressed in a large circle.

The normal service life is designed to be eight to ten years. The life can be extended through reasonable lubrication and the grinding efficiency of the entire system can be improved.

Without normal lubrication, thrust ball bearings cannot work.

The amount of grease required is in accordance with the requirements of the previous section, and the grease does cover all the surfaces of the thrust ball bearings to be lubricated.

Requires good sealing performance, high reliability, flexible operation and good stability, surface anticorrosive life of more than 20 years, etc.

5) It is very suitable to lubricate the thrust ball bearings in the gearbox with lubricating oil, because the oil can simultaneously lubricate the gears and thrust ball bearings in a splash manner. Motors should generally be cleaned and refueled after 2000 hours of use.

There is also a method of padding copper around the crankcase thrust ball bearing hole for repair.

Guarantee the stability of grease.

Part of the elastic deformation vibration energy of the parts is then radiated to the surrounding space in the form of sound waves to form impact noise. This noise can also be decomposed into jet noise, pressure pulse noise and structural noise generated at the moment of impact.

When the product is not produced by flowing water, it must be stored in the intermediate warehouse after one sequential processing. Therefore, the thrust ball bearing rings stored between processes must be rust-proof.

Long roller coasters, one row of boxes and one row of boxes are connected.

In order to save materials and improve labor productivity, most of the thrust ball bearing rings are forged. Steel balls are cold-formed or hot-rolled. Small-sized rollers are also cold-formed.

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