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What are the differences between tapered roller bearings and needle roller bearings?

Cylindrical roller bearings belong to precision bearings. The rib guide of the precision sorted roller post shaft ring is composed of a cage, a roller and a guide shaft ring. It can be separated from another bearing ring and belongs to a separable bearing. This type of bearing is easy to install and disassemble, especially when the inner and outer rings are required to have an interference fit with the shaft and housing. This type of bearing is generally used only for live ammunition with radial load guns. Single-row bearings with ribs on the rings can be used with smaller steady axial loads or larger intermittent axial loads; compared with other strains of the same external dimensions, this bearing has high load, low noise and high speed. Characteristics, very suitable for various precision machinery and mining mill machinery. However, the shafts, rolling elements and other related parts that are matched with this type of bearings need to be precisely processed.


         Needle roller bearings (NK, NKS, RNA49, RNA48, NKL, NKLS, NA49, NA48, RNA69, NA69, RNA49 ... RS, RNA49..2RS, NA49..RS, NA49..2RS, RNAO, NAO) Compact structure, The radial size is small, the load capacity is large, and it can bear large radial load. These bearings have a variety of structures and size series. The assembled G2 grade needles have a diameter variation of less than 2um in the group. Except for full-loaded needle bearings, high-quality cages are used to correctly guide the needle parallel axis. . Different structures, different types, different bearing directions, different speeds, different loads, different materials, different applications, etc.


Fundamental difference: the rolling elements of tapered roller bearings are tapered rollers; the rolling elements of needle roller bearings are needle rollers;


The above fundamental differences determine that the structure of tapered roller bearings is larger than that of needle roller bearings. In addition to radial forces, tapered roller bearings can also support axial forces, while needle roller needle bearings can only support radial forces;


Tapered roller bearings are divided into single-row double-row and multi-row, which are respectively applied to different environments and occasions;


The working speed of tapered roller bearings is higher than that of needle bearings;


Tapered roller bearings are generally made of high-quality bearing steel and special steel; thin-wall needle roller bearings are stamped from steel;


In short, these two types of bearings are not the same type of bearing, there are too many differences, but it must be a bit far-fetched; needle roller bearings are composed of thin and long needle rollers and cages. Cylindrical Roller Bearings. It is composed of a cylinder and a roller. The column is thicker than the needle roller, also called thick needle roller.

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