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  • Machine tool

    Machine tool

    The machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic production means of the equipment industry. It is the basic equipment of the equipment manufacturing industry. Overall, the medium and long-term development momentum of China's machine tool market will remain relatively strong.

  • Motor field

    Motor field

    With professional technical skills and rich industry experience, we continue to develop various types of motor bearing solutions, providing high-quality bearing solutions with high quality, low bass, reduced maintenance and meeting the needs of motor bearing users.

  • Medical equipment

    Medical equipment

    Facing new challenges, medical equipment needs to be able to diagnose and treat faster, safer and more reliably, while improving the comfort of patients and operators, and providing professionally designed bearing products according to the needs of medical equipment.

  • Railway field

    Railway field

    The design of modern rail vehicles requires a high degree of passenger comfort, low noise and economy. Rolling bearings used in railway transmission systems make this possible, and various ball and roller bearings are used.

  • Wind power

    Wind power

    Wind energy is a renewable resource. It is a renewable, non-polluting and promising resource. We provide high-performance bearing solutions for the wind power industry. Starting with the manufacture of viable bearings has opened a high starting point plan, high-intensity investment,

  • Mechanical


    The supporting bearings in the mechanical field have harsh working conditions, heavy working loads, heavy dust, heavy loads, many mechanical failures, and long working hours. We provide high-performance bearing solutions based on different applications of the product.

  • Auto industry

    Auto industry

    Cars here mainly refer to cars and light trucks. Achieving better energy efficiency, driven by increasing environmental awareness and increasingly stringent emissions regulations, the automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented period of change.

  • Instrument


    The bearings used in precision instruments are required to have low noise, low vibration, low heat, light weight, high rigidity and long life. In order to reduce the user's maintenance costs, various bearings with long life, high load capacity and high reliability are provided.

  • Metallurgy


    Supporting bearings have the characteristics of heavy load, bad working conditions, high working temperature, etc. According to their characteristics, various technical methods are used to optimize the bearing structure and improve the high temperature resistance.

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